Am I Pregnant – What Are the Signs

Reverse Infertility InformationIf you have been trying to conceive you know to the millisecond when to expect your period. When it fails to manifest, you are ecstatic. You are so ready to answer the question that is looping around and around in your mind – Am I Pregnant?

Missing your period is the first milestone toward attaining pregnancy.

The Pregnancy Test

Long gone are the days when the poor rabbit sacrificed his life for pregnant women. Now it’s unbelievably simple to take the “am I pregnant test”.

Home pregnancy tests gauge HCG levels or the hormone you secrete when pregnant. Your first urine after awakening contains the most hCG. If you’re too excited to delay the test overnight, try to wait four hours after you urinate so HCG can accumulate in your urine.

Invest in a quality pregnancy test to get the most accurate reading. The amount of HCG should measure 25-50 mlU to detect pregnancy. Don’t get the test that requires levels of 100 mlU as your HCG levels may not be that highly concentrated.

For at-home testing, pregnancy tests are quite accurate.

Negative – If you test negative, wait a few days and try again, it may have been too early to tell.

Positive – If you tested positive, but you aren’t really pregnant, it could be due to an early miscarriage. Talk with your medical practitioner about any questions or concerns relating to your pregnancy test.

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Are there Early Signs or Symptoms that Indicate Pregnancy?

Yes, and you need to be conscious of them while you’re serving a 30-day sentence. Since you can’t confirm your pregnancy until the month following conception, here are early signs or symptoms that indicate pregnancy:

Morning Sickness

Think of the sickest sick you’ve ever experienced. Multiply that times three. That’s how 50% of pregnant women will feel as they are throwing up everything but their toenails. The remaining 50% will glide though the entire nine months feeling fine.

Whoever named it morning sickness must have been of the male species! Because we are all different, the sickness can manifest itself at night, off- and on all day long or when we smell something cooking, especially greasy foods.

Breast Tenderness

Breast tenderness is among the common early signs of pregnancy. In no time at all, normal breasts can feel fuller, tingly and nipples are exceptionally sensitive. The tenderness usually resolves during the 2nd trimester.


Fatigue is another marker of pregnancy. If it’s difficult to keep your eyes open during the day or if you’re drained of energy, you could be pregnant.


Bloating is an early symptom of pregnancy, but many women experience bloating prior to their period.

Even if you have all these symptoms, taking the pregnancy test is the only way to answer the question, “Am I pregnant?”

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