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Bleeding During Pregnancy – Is There Cause For Alarm
Pregnancy is a very exciting time and an incredible journey. Pregnancy is a time that is filled with questions about your health and your baby's health. Especially with your first pregnancy, your day is filled with questions as to what is normal and what is not normal. One of the main concerns during pregnancy is bleeding. Bleeding, especially during the first trimester is very common and is not [...]
Pregnancy Diet – Jump Start Your Eating Plan
Growing a baby is like walking a tight rope in that you must constantly strive for a balanced pregnancy diet. Every successful outcome begins with a plan. We'll show you what and what not to eat while you're a mom-in-waiting. You make your grocery list and plan your meals. What a deal! Shoot for about 300 additional calories than you normally eat. Good for You Foods Eggs – the poor egg has [...]
Exercise During Pregnancy
Congratulations! Ticking pregnancy off life's to-do list is a major milestone for any woman. Having a healthy baby is likely your main goal now. Did you know that getting enough exercise during pregnancy is the best action you can make to help ensure your baby (and you) is healthy? When you exercise regularly, your mood stabilizes, your circulation improves and it's more comfortable to carry your [...]
Infertility – Get The Facts
According to the National Infertility Association 1 in 8 couples experience the disease of infertility. Couples who keep trying but cannot get pregnant are subjected to ongoing disappointment that often leads to depression. If you and your life partner are unable to conceive, you likely feel as if your marriage exists on an emotional roller coaster. What is Infertility? At last, mainstream [...]
Signs of Labor
It's never too early during your pregnancy to learn the signs of labor. Knowing what to expect can relieve some of your anxiety about the birth process. By the way, giving birth is called "labor" because it is arduous and painful work. But once your little angel appears you will forget the pain, as a great love overtakes you. Now, let's get you all wise and ready to experience the signs of labor. What [...]
Pregnancy Weight Gain
If you are a lady-in-waiting, pregnancy weight gain is as inevitable as cravings for pickles and ice cream. But, doesn't it seem unfair to monitor your weight during the hungriest nine months of your life? After all, you're eating for two, maybe three, sometimes four. Unfortunately, not! If you indulge urges to eat, nap, eat, you'll gain excess weight that can prove harmful for you and your baby. Risks [...]
Pregnancy Over 40 – Risks & Rewards
Considering women are at their reproductive pinnacle in their 20s, your odds for successful pregnancy over 40 have declined significantly. Medical experts suggest it may not be possible to demonstrate pregnancy, relying on your own eggs. Nevertheless, women in their 40's do get pregnant. Some elect fertility treatments and others conceive the old-fashioned way. The US Department of Health and [...]
Pregnancy Care – Protect Your Baby
Optimal Pregnancy Care Congratulations expectant mother! You've likely received well-meaning advice concerning pregnancy care from family, friends and perhaps total strangers. But, here is where you will only find correct information. When you suspect or confirm you are pregnant, it is important to contact your physician to begin prenatal care regime. Throughout your pregnancy you will receive [...]
Getting Pregnant – Planning Your Pregnancy
Are you considering getting pregnant? Having a baby is one of the most important milestones in your life. Would you like a little help with your "to-do" list for planning your pregnancy? About Birth Control If you are using birth control pills, stop taking them about three months before you pursue getting pregnant. The female body needs to go through several cycles to regain its regular ovulation [...]
Am I Pregnant – What Are the Signs
If you have been trying to conceive you know to the millisecond when to expect your period. When it fails to manifest, you are ecstatic. You are so ready to answer the question that is looping around and around in your mind – Am I Pregnant? Missing your period is the first milestone toward attaining pregnancy. The Pregnancy Test Long gone are the days when the poor rabbit sacrificed his [...]
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