Getting Pregnant – Planning Your Pregnancy

Are you considering getting pregnant? Having a baby is one of the most important milestones in your life. Would you like a little help with your “to-do” list for planning your pregnancy?

About Birth Control

If you are using birth control pills, stop taking them about three months before you pursue getting pregnant. The female body needs to go through several cycles to regain its regular ovulation process. However, you can get pregnant the day after you quit the pill. If you’re not quite ready, use an alternate method of birth control.

Getting Pregnant

Am I PregnantDo you know your ovulation dates? These are prime days in the month for baby making. Isn’t modern technology magnificent? Instead of the old way to track ovulation by recording your basal body temperature (BBT), there are spiffy “ovulation predictor kits” (OPK) available now.

The friendly OPK alerts you in advance that your egg is ready to be released. It takes the guesswork out of ovulation dates. Ask your healthcare provider if the OPK is right for you.

Life is A-Changing

Your life will change during pregnancy and after you bring your little darlin’ home. Talking things over with your partner and planning for life-changes will help make this transition smoother.

Did you know that planned babies are more probable to be born healthy than those who are unplanned? Planning your pregnancy increases the likelihood of early prenatal care and taking measures to ensure optimal health while you are pregnant.

Important topics to address with your partner include: shortage of free time, child care and finances. Babies are expensive! Will your budget allow for diapers, college and all things in between? Do you have health insurance that pays for your medical care? Will you return to work?

What responsibilities will husband assume? Also, men are notorious about holding their emotions inside. Encourage your mate to explore issues like how he feels about sharing you with baby and whether or not he has fears about fatherhood.

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Points to Ponder

Healthy Diet – you must eat nutritious foods. Now is a good time to develop a good relationship with living food, such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

Exercisewalking every day will help your delivery go quicker. Regular exercise also helps to maintain your optimal pregnancy weight.

Smoking – the best gift you can give your cherished child is to stop smoking. Explore quit smoking programs if necessary.

Alcohol and Drugs – these are harmful to baby’s health. Let your medical provider know of any prescriptions, OTC meds, herbs and vitamins you are taking. Discuss alcohol and illegal drugs if applicable. In the event you have an addiction, check out available alcohol and/or drug treatment programs.

Starting a Pregnancy Journal

We encourage you to start a pregnancy journal! Your hormones will run rampant and the journal is good therapy for exploring emotions.

Here are a few suggested topics and of course you’ll add a few of your own:

  • Emotions – track your emotions and any insights after journaling about them
  • Cravings – write out any weird foods you desire
  • Milestones – from finding out you were successful in getting pregnant to baby’s first kick. You’ll encounter many milestones like your sonogram and first maternity outfit.
  • Dr. Appointments – make a page for doctor’s appointments and what transpired. List any questions or concerns before each appointment.

Getting Pregnant and starting your little family is a miraculous event. Celebrate!

2 Responses to “Getting Pregnant – Planning Your Pregnancy”

  1. Jane says:

    Hi, I like the idea of starting a pregnancy journal. We are planning our second baby, and I’m sure it would have been helpful during my first pregnancy…if only I’d thought of it back then! Thanks for the great idea.

    • Anne says:

      Jane, I kept a pregnancy journal for our second baby and wished I’d thought of it the first time round. It really helped, which is why I included the idea in my website.

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