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Personal Path to Pregnancy InformationPersonal Path to Pregnancy by Beth Kiley

Personal Path to Pregnancy” is an e-book written by Beth Kiley, who believes all pregnancies are personal. We are all unique, with different body chemistries, lifestyles and bodies. Her contention is that the path to pregnancy is not a one-size-fits-all. According to Beth, “…I give you a whole bunch of useful techniques and strategies…”.

That sets the tone of her book. You’ll find various options to maximize your fertility and your husbands. The author freely admits she researched the internet, read medical reports and joined online groups to gather a tremendous amount of information. What this means to you, is that the information in Personal Path to Pregnancy is available to anyone who wants to devote countless hours to research, trial and error.

However, Beth brings a two-pronged approach to validate the e-book. She organized volumes of raw information into a comprehensive, easily understandable format. Perhaps most impressive is that after her own miscarriage, Beth and her spouse successfully completed two pregnancies, by relying on her findings about getting pregnant.

Since she comes from a place of deep understanding about the difficulties of conception, Beth’s persona appears gentle and empathetic. To provide you with a basis of comparison, she had two consultations with fertility doctors, regarding invasive fertility treatments.

“Doctors practice medicine.” Beth takes the stance if you are unable to achieve pregnancy, doctors presume it is a medical issue and send you to a high-priced specialist. Ultimately, fertility doctors run “lots of tests and charge you lots of money” for infertility treatment.

Alternatively, Personal Path to Pregnancy uncovers “hidden” information that doctors may know, but seldom share.

It should also be pointed out that the book shows things you shouldn’t do while pregnant. Beth contends women know more about pregnancy prevention than how to achieve pregnancy.

So, What’s it All About?

After completing the e-book, you’ll know how to time intercourse, best positions and how to boost conception chances when you ovulate. Also included is a section on diet for a healthy pregnancy. You’ll be able to “hear” your body’s fertility signal.

The best promise Beth makes is that you can get pregnant even though your gynecologist doesn’t think you can.

For such a small book, about 60+ pages, you might question the price. Perhaps it will comfort you to know that 9 bonus books will be included with your order.

  1. Pre-Conception Care Fact Sheet – answers to common questions about pre-conception care.
  2. Body Mass Index Chart – Calculate your BMI to see if weight loss or gain could increase conception probability.
  3. Pregnancy Week-by-Week
  4. Baby Names and Meanings – a fun book with 7,000 potential names and their origin
  5. Baby Safety Tips
  6. Make your Baby a Super Baby – covers baby’s first year
  7. Stretch Marks – Prevention of
  8. Exercise without Effort – Exercises that accelerate odds of conception.
  9. Glycemic 101 – Learn foods to avoid and which foods to eat.

Our Verdict:

The e-book is based on all natural concepts and provides assorted techniques to explore for getting pregnant naturally. If you’ve tried almost everything to no avail, this methodology might just pave your personal path to pregnancy!

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