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Plan My Baby's GenderPlan my Baby, Prince or Princess by Alicia Pennington

Plan my Baby” is a program developed by Alicia Pennington, which is directed to parents who desire to control the gender of their baby. If you’re in the pre-planning stages of pregnancy, how important is it to you and your spouse to determine whether you conceive a boy or girl?

If you answered, “very important”, let’s delve into the course and see if it’s right for you.
First, let’s take a minute to meet our writer and look at her credentials.

Alicia Pennington

Alicia Pennington, a midwife for 23 years, found during her practice that many parents were disappointed with the sex of their newborn. In consequence, Alicia researched baby gender selection techniques, attended lectures and ultimately hand-selected what she determined the best natural methods to ensure gender selection of the unborn child.

We must give Alicia credit for tenacity as she became her own “lab rat” and put the methodology to the test. After application of the natural gender selection techniques, Alicia said, “…baby girl Marie arrived 9 magical months later”!

Alicia then tested her “secret” preconception program on willing participants among her practice and ultimately achieved a 94% success rate.

So – What are the Precepts of the Plan my Baby Program?

Using this method, you’ll learn differences between male and female X and Y chromosomes and how to modify various aspects to influence either the male or female sperm to accomplish fertilization.

3 Steps Revealed
In essence, the program reveals 3-steps that allow you to control your baby’s gender:

  1. Ovulation – Ovulation and Importance of Knowing When You Are Ovulating For Conceiving A Boy Or Girl
  2. Diet – Adjust Your Diet to Create the Ideal Environment for Sperm Y Or Sperm X
  3. Sexual position – Use a Particular Sexual Position to Conceive a Boy or a Girl

Why are Some Program Highlights?

The author contends it is the woman’s position during intercourse, which increase the odds of having a boy or girl. Clinical studies show about 87% of couples use incorrect techniques or haven’t heard about controlling the gender of their child.

Women have a short window of time when conception is more likely. Certain aspects control whether the baby will be a boy or girl.

Boy – An alkaline ph increases the likelihood your baby will be a boy.
Girl – Acidic ph is more conducive for having a girl.

You’ll get information about cervical mucus and learn how the basal body temperature is taken and why it is important. At long last, you’ll discover why the timing of intercourse is of the essence. The author shows how to correctly time intimate relations for best success.

The correct preconception diet is revealed in order to ramp up your chances of making a girl or boy baby.

Specific foods either lower or raise ph and knowing this, you can enhance the probability factor of conceiving the gender of your preference.

Our Verdict:

The comprehensive Plan my Baby course is worth investigating if knowing the sex of your baby in advance is essential. If you find it disappointing, just take advantage of the 60-day money back guarantee.

Click Here to get more information from Alicia Pennington’s official Plan My Baby website.

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