Second Trimester: To Do List and Cautions

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To Do List for the Second Trimester - months 7, 8 & 9

  • Appointments – Your physician will tell you about the antenatal appointments
  • Baby NamesBoy or Girl? – You then need to decide if you want to find out the sex of your baby.
  • Weight – Keep a check on your weight gain and eat a good balanced diet.
  • Baby’s name – Selecting your baby’s name at this time in your pregnancy is always exciting, although sometimes harder than you can imagine. Keep considering names until you have a set of names that you can both live with.
  • Comfortable clothes – By this time you are probably needing to shop for some maternity clothes.
  • Childcare – Start considering childcare if you are going to have to work after the baby arrives.
  • Siblings – If you already have a child, prepare them for a new sibling. Let them do such things as pat you tummy gently and encourage them to talk to the new baby.
  • Pamper yourself – Celebrate your halfway point by doing something special, maybe a day at the spa or a last minute holiday.
  • Your partner – With all the hustle and bustle of pregnancy, be sure to spend quality time with your partner. You may consider a special date night, find a babysitter if needed, so you can enjoy spending time with your partner.
  • Childbirth classes – The childbirth classes usually fill up fast so start the search for a class early.
  • Finances – This is also the time when it is important to consider financial planning. Being pregnant is wonderful, but it also brings with it new financial responsibilities.

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Cautions During the Second Trimester

Signs that something may be wrong with your pregnancy at this time include:

  • Severe abdominal pain
  • Abdominal cramping
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • A gain of more than 6.5 pounds in a month
  • Or less than 10 pounds by the time you are 20 weeks pregnant
  • Severe dizziness

IMPORTANT:  If you are experiencing any of these symptoms call your physician immediately.

Infections – There are infections that can affect your pregnancy, such as chicken pox, flu, toxoplasmosis, and others. Talk with your physician for a full list and complications that might occur if you are exposed to a contagious disease.

Also talk with your physician about foods to avoid when pregnant if you have not done so.

This time of your pregnancy can be very exciting.

  • Your partner and other people will be able to see the baby moving.
  • You may notice some stitch like pains down your sides, this is usually caused by stretching of the ligaments.
  • Your physician will keep track of your weight gain and general appearance.
  • They typically check all pregnant women in this trimester for gestational diabetes, which can be a complication that would need to be monitored closely.
  • Mood swings tend to become less frequent in the second trimester.

Spend time with your partner, talk about any problems. This is the time when you and your partner need to be close and support each other. Have a happy second trimester on the way to the delivery of your beautiful baby.

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